Take a dive into the Central Business District in our latest Wilmington Skyline Review

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The Wilmington Skyline Review features an in-depth look at 25 of the most significant office buildings in the Central Business District (CBD), and the trends in the local and regional areas. The report offers a timely snapshot of the market, combining data-driven insights on the Downtown and Riverfront submarkets with individual building statistics.

Highlights from the Skyline Review include:

  • Wilmington’s CBD includes both the traditional established office core (Downtown) and the more recently revitalized areas along the Christina River (Riverfront). Looking at these two distinct areas as a whole, recent years have seen only modest adjustments in vacancy, availability, and rates.
  • A series of deliveries between 2005 and 2007 brought new product to the market just in advance of the subsequent downturn and recession, driving vacancy up from single digits to its recently stabilized range in the high teens.
  • As an office market, the Riverfront currently outperforms the Downtown, where rents have remained in the mid $20s for years.
  • Given the smaller footprints of Riverfront buildings and the high desirability of this mixed-use area, vacancy hovers around 4 percent across the Riverfront Skyline set.
  • As in past market cycles, small and mid-sized law firm transactions are a major driver in the CBD office market.
  • The apartment market is surging in Downtown Wilmington, with a number of conversions underway 
on upper floors of commercial buildings, as well as 
new construction on vacant soft sites.
  • The growth of a millennial workforce population is 
a primary driver of this CBD boom.
  • The infusion of residential units will only serve to strengthen office market prospects, as the inventory tightens and the area continues to welcome a highly skilled and educated workforce.

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