Meet the JLL Employees: Part Two

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Forget the ping pong tables- people like to do business with people that they like. Many of us today spend more waking hours in the office than at home, so JLL makes it a priority to hire individuals who are not just talented but original, authentic, and just plain impressive.  

This week, we’re continuing a blog series that helps you, our clients and colleagues, get to know the JLL employees that you work with every day.

Dodie Williams: Vice President, PDS Lead

JLL Employees Dodie Williams

Confidant, dynamic and full of integrity, anyone who knows Dodie can attest to the fact that she takes after her favorite childhood character: Wonder Woman. In fact, Dodie draws inspiration from a number of strong women, including her role model Michelle Obama. Most of all, though, Dodie will tell you that she is inspired by her clients. Throughout her 13 years in CRE, they have been the driving force pushing her to work harder, think more creatively, and deliver bigger and better results.

Anthony LiVecchi: Vice President

JLL Employees Anthony LiVecchi

All true Philadelphians love Rocky, but Anthony LiVecchi channels Balboa like no one else in the office. Whether he’s basking in the glory of his last big boxing win or running along the Schuylkill River Trail with Springsteen on his playlist, Anthony is always able to dig deep and go the extra mile. He is a 13-year CRE veteran and prides himself on honesty and the ability to “help his clients through challenging situations.”  

Mitch Marcus: Managing Director

JLL Employees Mitch Marcus

It’s common knowledge that Mitch “secretly” wishes he was Batman, but we’re perfectly satisfied to have him as our own personal superhero. Throughout his 26 years in the industry, Mitch’s great sense of humor has made him popular with both clients and colleagues. So much so, that we’re willing to overlook the fact that he’s a New York Giants fan.  

Resa Walsh: Senior HR Business Partner

JLL Employees Resa Walsh

Resa’s family is her world, and luckily for JLL, she brings the same energy to our team that she does when cheering on her kids’ sports teams. Like many of us, Resa lives by sushi, working out, and swearing this is the year she’ll get more organized. But don’t let that fool you – she’s got a few surprises up her sleeve. For instance, you may not know that she lives around the corner from Bradley Cooper’s childhood house. She’s casually run into him at Starbucks! 

Thanks for getting to know us, and look out for “part three” of our JLL employees series next month!