The Campus at Valley Creek Leads the Suburban Revival

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If you’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the suburban revival, it’s probably because of offices like The Campus at Valley Creek

Modern office spaces require a bit of a balancing act. Today’s employees are more attentive to how much time they spend at work, and as a result of this, have become more demanding consumers. Natural beauty and a bright, airy workspace are coveted office attributes, but employees still aren’t eager to sacrifice accessibility or nearby amenities. Building owners are keeping all of this in mind as they fight to attract and retain talent, while also juggling their own priorities like productivity, flexibility, and room to grow.

The suburbs are experiencing a resurgence because they allow tenants “have it all,” and Valley Creek is a perfect example of an office environment that checks all the boxes.

Campus at Valley Creek

This 256,000 SF Class A campus is already situated in a beautiful park-like setting. As if that weren’t enough, it’s a mere 10th of a mile from Exton Park, a 725-acre oasis with bike and walking trails, ponds, and picnic areas. With ribbon windows and sweeping 9-foot ceilings, its three buildings help bring the outdoors in by maximizing the natural light and greenery surrounding the lobbies.

With all that tree cover, it’s almost easy to forget the campus is located on Valley Creek Boulevard in Exton with easy highway access to Routes 202 and 100 as well as the Route 30 bypass – not to mention 30 restaurants within 3.5 miles. Situated in a Keystone Innovation Zone, the campus makes good on its namesake with state of the art construction and infrastructure and features like electric car stations and LED lighting.

It’s miles from the “office parks” of the past, and a true testament to the revival taking place on suburban campuses.

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