Meet the JLL Employees: Part Four

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Hello again – as you may know, JLL has been on a mission introduce you to our colleagues across Greater Philadelphia.

If you’re joining us for the first time, we’re glad that you’re here! Catch up on parts one, two, and three of our employee series, then read on to learn more about JLL’s team and why we are so proud of our people!  

JLL employees susan lowry

Susan Lowry: VP, Marketing Director

Where You’ll Find Her: Philadelphia, PA

As a runner, former ski instructor, and full-scholarship collegiate rower, you might think that Susan would adopt a “never look back” mentality. In reality, she knows that hindsight is the best sight and learns from the experience every time a curveball comes her way.

Her ability to roll with life’s surprises is part of what makes Susan’s attitude so infectious; she’s been awarded for her exemplary people management and excellence in business development, as well as making the Philadelphia Business Journal’s illustrious “40 Under 40” list.

Pete Talman: Managing Director

Where You’ll Find Him: Bethlehem, PA

First things first: Pete Talman deserves a round of applause, because in July we’ll be celebrating his 10-year work anniversary here at JLL. Pete first joined JLL following our July 2008 merger with The Staubach Company where he was SVP and Co-Managing Principal of the Philadelphia Office. In that time, and throughout his 40-year career, he has earned JLL’s highest honors, given numerous lectures, inspired his colleagues, and impressed his clients.

There’s so much to Pete that after 10 years we still don’t know where to begin. He’s worn many hats from Army Captain to Alzheimer’s advocate to skydiver, but we’re just proud to call him our colleague.  


jll employees jamie vari

Jamie Vari: Senior Associate

Where You’ll Find Him: Wilmington, DE

If you ask Jamie about the most awkward time in his career, he’ll admit that he’s been repeatedly kicked out of buildings where he was asked to canvas. But in some ways, that’s all you need to know about him. Jamie is the kind of guy who does what he says, and will get the job done no matter what.  

His results speak for themselves – Jamie has been integral in securing over $10 million in tenant representation transactions and obtaining over 750,000 square feet of agency representation for his clients.

Ryan Room: Regional Manager

Where You’ll Find Him: Berwyn, PA

Ryan came to JLL this January from our Midwest Market, but he seems to be warming up to Philadelphia just fine. (If you ask him what song best sums up his career, he won’t hesitate to call out Eye of the Tiger.)

Having worked in CRE for more than 15 years, Ryan has experienced a lot, including winning two ‘Midwest Business Development Manager of the Year’ awards from JLL. But there’s one story that takes the cake – at Ryan’s first job at a small brokerage, he spilled a Venti Starbucks coffee all over a new coworker’s office. Despite earning them both reprimands from the boss, this unforgettable first impression was the start of his 10-year marriage!

Tune in next time as we get to know four more JLL employees.