Meet the JLL Employees: Part Five

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Each month, JLL looks forward to penning this post — a glimpse beyond the titles and headshots to truly get to know our colleagues. And yours!

Today, we’re diving into part five of our JLL Employees series, so we encourage you to follow along. Here are links to parts one, twothree and four


Joshua Sloan: Managing Director

Where You’ll Find Him: Philadelphia, PA

If you know Josh by name, you probably also know him by reputation. One of JLL’s best, this Managing Director has earned our Top Gun and Top Achiever awards twice each, along with a slew of other accolades throughout his 30-year career.

It’s clear that this high-achiever and avid surfer has a propensity for intensity. Just don’t ask him to go skydiving — he hates heights!


Ashley Parillo: Associate

Where You’ll Find Her: Philadelphia, PA

We love a colleague who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and Ashley Parillo’s unapologetic love for Kelly Clarkson is the perfect example. But given her rapport with her coworkers, we try not to laugh too hard.

Starting her career as an accountant (or a camp counselor if you want to get technical), Ashley has found her calling over the past two years in CRE. Not to brag, but she credits joining JLL as her proudest professional accomplishment!

Joe Colletti, Senior Vice President, JLL

Joe Colletti: Senior Vice President

Where You’ll Find Him: Philadelphia, PA

If you asked Joe Colletti what song best sums up his career, he’ll confidently tell you it’s Aloe Blacc’s “I’m the Man.” But it’s not that he’s over-confident; this 10-year CRE veteran has already earned a national Gold Achiever award for JLL’s top brokers.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Joe’s got his eye on our coveted “Top Gun” award next. He’s certainly got the drive, so the hardest part will be remembering his mantra to “be patient!”

John Leubecker, JLL

John Leubecker: Vice President, Integrated Portfolio Services

Where you’ll find him: Philadelphia, PA

As much as we’re starstruck by John’s brief career as a baby model, we’re glad he found something a bit more sustainable. Having just celebrated his 10th anniversary in CRE, John’s clients – and a healthy level of chaos – have kept him happy and on his toes.

Through it all, he remembers the advice of the golfer Bobby Jones to “play the ball where it lies.” It comes in handy outside the office too, since John is a golfer, himself!

Tune in next time as we get to know four more JLL employees.